48th Maintenance Company - Aviation and Ordnance Art

"Frank Luke & His SPAD XIII"

   ... the "flying madman"

  They called him a lunatic.

  The desire of this grear American aviator to live on the brink of destruction brought great opposition from his superiors, who often grounded him for his poor conduct and unauthorized flights.  Nonetheless, Frank Luke would climb into his plane and fly anyway, returning to base with several enemy kills.

  He was the only WWI aviator to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor... and did so while under military arrest.

  The relentless, cocky, belligerent Luke flew his fianl mission over Germany in 1918.  Instead of returning his badly damaged SPAD to base, he took down three German balloons and an infantry column before crashing landing.  And rather than surrender to the troops that fell upon him, Frank Luke climbed out of the cockpit and fought with his pistol until killed.

  With great detail and accuracy, aviation artist Sherry Lee portrays the "flying madman" as he stands before the plane that made him famous.

  This inspiring edition is limited to only 2500, measuring 18" x 24" overall with an image area of 18 3/4" x 24 1/4".

  Each lithograph if printed on 80lb. Teton Cover and hand signed and numbered by the artist Sherry Lee.