The Art of Sherry Boggs



Ms. Boggs appearing in an M151 historical  military  vehicle in her Air Force Auxiliary flight suit before heading to another airshow in 2012.


As featured on the front page of the Massillon Indepen



  Sherry Boggs has worked both part and full time as an  aviation  artist since 1992, with a distinctive pencil  technique and a deep  affection for aviation. It is her goal  in every portrait of person or plane,  to capture the  spirit  and imagination of aviators from Kitty Hawk to  Top Gun. While thousands of Americans enjoy the thrill  and  excitement of airshows as spectators, she has had a  privileged  behind-the-scenes viewpoint. She has  been  fortunate to appear as  a featured artist and special  guest of numerous organizations  including the  Confederate Air Force and the Experimental Aircraft    Association.  Her portraits and illustrations have been  presented  throughout Canada, England, and Italy as  well.  Ms. Boggs is a  veteran captain, Aerospace  Education Officer and navigator of the  United States Air  Force Auxiliary - the Civil Air Patrol.  She even  received  an award from Charles E. 'Chuck'  Yeager for her  Aerospace Education classes presented to her          fellow veterans  during her service throughout the early 1990's.


 A historic Goodyear airplane at  the Military  Aviation Preservation Society (MAPS), located next to the Akron Canton Airport, where Sherry Boggs painted the  Goodyear name on this plane's side panel.