"Together We Stand" - The War Goddess and Crew

48thMaintenance Art


  Just like the Memphis Belle, the War Goddess completed all of its missions during WWII.

  During her travels to airshows across the United States, the artist met one of this B-24's crew during a fly-in event in Marion, Ohio. This particular WWII vet named Calvin Davidson asked Sherry Lee about her charges for individualized portraits. During their discussion, Sherry learned that Mr. Davidson had just learned that one of his former crew members had recently passed away, and that he and his wife planned on traveling the country for some time in order to visit the remaining crew members.

  Mr. Davidson asked the artist if she would consider completing a portrait of him and his crew, all standing together before their bomber, with all of their patches and insignia included in the rendering.  He also shared with her that no photo had ever been taken of all of the crew together,  so she would have to work with a collection of his old photos to try to piece together each of the veteran's height and sizes if they would have appeared together. 

  He also asked that in exchange for him keeping the original portrait, if he could "provide payment" to her by having each of the crew members individually hand sign each print with their rank and assigned position in their crew.

  Sherry gladly accepted the exchange... and it is recommended to our viewers to also review the companion print titled 'War Goddess On Mission'.

  This lithographic print, completed by historic aviation artist Sherry Lee, is limited to only 100 prints,. Each portrait is individually signed by every member of the crew (less one that passed away before the original art work was completed), with each of their positions listed, and signed by it's creator.

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