"Hail, Glory Bombardier"

48thMaintenance Art


   "I never did know his name, what happened to his crew, or if his badly damaged bomber ever returned to base. He was so overwhelmed with memories, standing next to the restored B-17, that he was unable to finish his story.

  He had managed to show me a piece of flax, removed from his leg after his final mission over Germany in 1944.  And before walking away, he turned back with tears in his eyes and said 'We were so young then... we'd climb into our bombers looking skyward and glory bound.'

  To him and others like him, I dedicate this portrait."   - Historic Aviation Artist Sherry Lee

  The highly detailed, original portrait of "Hail, Glory Bombardier" took the artist over 63 hours during a three-month period to complete.

  Experience the drama, innocence, and inspiration of this limited edition lithograph commemorating the50th Anniversary of WWII.

  This edition is limited to only 2500 measuring 18" x 24" overall with an image area of 16 1/2". x 20".

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