"Rescue From Above"

48thMaintenance Art


  Vietnam - 1967... The Huey Bell UH-1 helicopter played a major role in this theater. It was the main mode of transportation and weaponry in this war.

 "Rescue From Above" depicts it's versatility as a gunship and a rescue vehicle. Many soldier's lives were saved because of this great flying machine. Here, paratroopers rush to save a wounded infantryman and provide cover with their .50 cal M2 machine gun. If you look closely at the intense detail, you can see the rounds firing out of the barrel, and cartridges ejecting. There are many more details in this work of art, too many to explain. You will just have to get it and see for yourself!!!

  This limited edition of 250 prints measures 14" x 17", is currently on display at the top of the Vietnam area in the Military Aviation Preservation Society museum,  and is individually signed and numbered by US Army Veteran Douglas Curtiss 

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