"Heavy Hauler"

48thMaintenance Art


  The mighty M-911, 25 ton recovery vehicle hooked to an M-747, 65 ton lowboy trailer, loaded with a fresh rebuilt 60 ton M-60A1 from the depot. This unit is probably headed out of Mainz, Germany to a unit in Baumholder, like the 8th Infantry Division.

  These "Heavy Haulers", also know as HETs (Heavy Equipment Transporters) could be seen running down the autobahn frequently, picking up old units, and delivering new.

  This unit was also capable of recovery operations when a tank or other piece of ordnance was disabled. It was equipped with two 45,000 pound winches to load a vehicle on the trailer if it couldn't under it's own power or pull a mired unit out of the mud.

  Powered by a turbocharged,  supercharged Detroit Diesel 8V92 this unit could pull a house down. Make room for this oversize load goin' down the road!

  This 8 1/2" x 11" print is limited to 25 and individually signed and numbered by US Army Veteran Douglas Curtiss.

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